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Lovell High School Title I Procedures for Literacy or Math

(For LHS Title I Procedures for the Success Coach/Guided Support,

open the document on the right.) 


Students who have not been identified as a student with a disability but still need Tier II or III assistance in reading, writing, or math may become Title I students. 


For Lovell High School, this means they may be enrolled in an intervention class. The following are possible tools that may be used in a literacy or math lab class:


Math                                                           Reading

IXL                                                     System 44

Spiraled review                                  Read 180

Teacher-made lessons/games             Read Naturally Live


                                                           Vocabulary/Word work


                                                           Teacher-made games/Quizlet



Title I Identification - Students are identified as needing Tier II or III assistance based on several data points:


aimswebPlus benchmark assessments

WY-TOPP (Interim and Summative) (Wyoming State Assessments)

Classroom assessments

Teacher judgment


Students who are below grade level in these areas may be placed in a math or literacy lab class. Students who are borderline may be placed in a co-taught class for reading and math, but not yet considered Title I.


English/Language Arts (ELA) and math data teams (PLCs) meet quarterly to determine if students are correctly placed or need to be moved into or exited from a lab class.


Progress Monitoring - Students in a lab class are progress monitored at least twice a month using aimswebPlus. Once a month the lab teachers review this data, as well as program data or other student data listed above to decide if the current instruction is appropriate or should be adjusted. They confer with the classroom teachers of individual students as needed.


Exiting - For a student to be exited from Title I, he/she must be proficient for most of the above assessments. The team reviews the data quarterly; however, students who are exited from an intervention will remain “Title I” for the next term. This is so the team will continue to monitor the student to determine that intervention supports are no longer needed. If the team believes the student needs supports again, the student may be pulled back into an intervention. If the student is maintaining proficiency, he/she will then be exited.


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