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All About Accountability


Accountability in education means reviewing how well school districts help students grow academically. At Big Horn #2 we adhere to the requirements defined by the Wyoming Accountability system which includes two components:


  • WAEA: The state accountability system is defined by the Wyoming Accountability in Education Act (WAEA)
  • ESSA: The federal accountability system defined by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Each state submits a plan to meet the requirements of ESSA which includes achievement, graduation rates, measurements for school success, and use of federal funds.


School Performance Report: In Wyoming, schools are annually assessed to determine which schools are doing well and which are in need of support. All schools receive an annual school performance report which is used to determine the quality of education received at Wyoming’s schools. Schools may fall into one of four performance levels based on their pattern of performance on various indicators: Exceeding Expectations, Meeting Expectations, Partially Meeting Expectations, or Not Meeting Expectations. Any schools that are rated as Partially Meeting or Not Meeting Expectations must submit a school improvement plan which addresses area that need improvement. The following shows the 2018-2019 performance for the three schools at Big Horn #2.



Overall Performance Level

Lovell Elementary School

Partially Meeting Expectations

Lovell Middle School

Exceeding Expectations

Lovell High School

Meeting Expectations

Lovell Elementary is required to develop and submit a school improvement plan to the Wyoming Department of Education due to the Partially Meeting Expectations performance level. The other two school will develop school improvement plans to address any areas of need.

School Performance Indicators

The school performance indicators give additional information regarding school effectiveness. Both WAEA and ESSA have three target levels to define performance ranges. These are shown in the table below:



Exceeds Target

Above Average

Meets Target


Below Target

Below Average


These indicators will be presented in other sections of the District Report Card:

  • Achievement: Percent of students proficient or advanced
  • Students By The Numbers: A Look at Subgroups
  • Growth & Equity: Show progress from one year to the next
  • Graduation Rates for High School
  • Post-Secondary Readiness
  • Long-Term and Interim Goal Progress
  • Participation Rate
  • Office of Civil Rights Data
  • Teacher Equity Data
  • Per-Pupil Expenditures