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Professional Development

Professional Development
Board Policy: GCI
The Board recognizes the importance of developing, improving, and extending staff skills. Opportunities must be provided by systematically ensuring that staff personnel will remain abreast of emerging information and educational practices.
All staff members at Big Horn County School District #2 participate in professional development. Professional development topics are selected primarily through the district and school improvement processes. The intent of professional development is for staff to deepen their understanding of the teaching and learning process in order to increase student achievement.
Ten professional development days are offered to staff throughout the year. In addition, students are released early on Friday afternoons to allow additional time for teachers to continue to learn and implement professional development topics.
Each year a Professional Development Plan is developed which lists major areas of focus for the district and school levels. This includes district initiatives as well as WDE required trainings. Teachers, including substitute teachers,  maintain documentation of their participation in professional development activities on a PD Log. The log is submitted to the Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board at the end of each school year.
Click on the document below to see the professional development plan for the current school year.