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District/School Improvement


Goal: Our school will meet or exceed expectations set out by the Wyoming Accountability in Education Act (WAEA) and the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).


Big Horn County School District #2 engages in a process of continuous improvement though the development and implementation of school improvement plans that are targeted on areas of need as revealed through a data analysis primarily related to the WAEA/ESSA School Performance Reports. The annual process includes the action plan that will help meet the goal listed above.

See the 2019-20 School Improvement Plans in the document at the bottom of this page.


SIP Process




School Improvement Plan Review 2019-20


Reviewed by:                         

Review Date:


Each school improvement plan is annually reviewed by the superintendent and curriculum director using the following criteria:



Evaluative Question







Statement that address the WAEA indicators: Achievement, growth, equity, graduation rate (LHS), or post-secondary readiness (LHS).

Does the goal align to the WAEA indicators and the related assessment data?





Actions to be implemented to make improvements towards achievement of the goal.

Do the strategies in seem reasonable and evidence-based for achieving the goal?





Relevant timeline to implement the strategy

Does the timeline seem adequate to implement the strategy?




Personnel and Financial Resources

Person(s) responsible and funding amount needed for implementing the strategy

Are specific resources identified and reasonable to allow adequate district support?





Evidence of progress towards implementation/growth

Are the benchmarks articulated to clearly show stepping stones along the way to implementation?




Professional Development Supporting Strategies

Specific PD needs to support the implementation of the strategy

Are PD opportunities specific and timely to implement strategies and have clear objectives to impact growth?




Parent/Family Implications

Strategy to involve/educate parents within the goal.

Has a strategy been written to involve parents in the goal?





Upon initial review, submit back to the school principals. Areas not meeting criteria will be revised. Revised plan will be submitted to the superintendent for final approval.


Final Approval:

___________________________________________________________________   _______________________

Superintendent’s Signature                                                                                                                         Date of Approval